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The Brighter Story

At Brighter, we pour our hearts and minds (and whole lot of soul) everyday into solving the biggest problem leaders face today — Creating a culture that engages employees and makes top performers want to stay.

It all started in the winter of 2014, when two long-time friends and co-workers stumbled upon an interesting conundrum: employers want to reach out to their employees, and employees want to feel connected. Yet despite these reciprocal intentions, there exists no bridging tool in the market that works for both parties.

Having reached out to hundreds of companies across industries including retail, banking, hospitality, healthcare, and benefits consulting to understand their unique challenges, we realized that if there isn’t a perfect solution available, we'll create one! We assembled our management "bench" by engaging leading national experts on Employee Engagement, Corporate Communications, and Behavioral Change as part of our Advisory Board. Together, the experts guided us to build a solution that is no-nonsense, measurable and genuinely effective.

At Brighter, we believe that effective employee communication is the foundation for successful employee engagement. It's our mission to create truly personalized, one-to-one interactions between employers and their employees. And we make this connection easy and quick by using just one single system. Fuss-free for the employers, clutter-free for the employees. A win-win for all.

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The Team


Herbert Ong

Co-Founder + CEO


Kei Wakabayashi

Co-Founder + Product/UX


Angela Smiley

Co-Founder + Engineering


Wendy Rebmann

Advisor, Internal Communications

Ex-Chief Communication Officer at T-Mobile


Dr. John Norcross

Advisor, Behavior Change Expert

Author of acclaimed book "Changeology"


Marianne Jackson

Advisor, HR + Talent Development

Chief Talent Development Officer at Ebay


Brad Karsh

Advisor, Millennial Training

CEO and Founder of JB Training Solutions


Eric Severson

Advisor, Human Resources

Ex-Chief HR Officer at Gap


Astri Lukitasari

Marketing + Content


Lucas Nestvold



Daniel Masin

Business Development