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There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being—to help someone to succeed.
–Alan Loy McGinnis

Career Development

An interactive campaign that allows employees to go through the process of self-directed career growth with the optional support of their manager.

Supervisor Relationships

A way to promote effective and practical steps toward stronger manager-employee relations.

Employee Appreciation

Communication and activities that encourage impactful ways to make team members feel more appreciated at work.

Open Enrollment

Pauline Bailey

Chief People Officer, Punahou School

Timely messages helped employees stay on track with the bite-sized information they needed during a two week open enrollment period.

February Heart Health Month

Marvine Mercado

Human Resources Specialist, Bank of Hawaii

Visual, engaging messages were delivered to increase awareness and activity of Heart Health Month.

Long-Term Care Enrollment

Messages with reminders and information on Long-Term Care enrollment to help employees decide the coverage they need.

National Dental Hygiene Month

A campaign to increase awareness about the importance of achieving and maintaining good oral health.

Commuter Benefits

Meltem Korkmazel

COO of Edenred Commuter Benefit Solutions

Messages to employees sent a la carte or once a month on how they can take advantage of commuter benefits available to them.

Flu Vaccination

A campaign with reminders and interesting facts to encourage flu vaccination.

Stress Awareness

Dr. John Norcross

Internationally recognized expert on Behavior Change

A campaign with stress-relief tips to educate employees on ways to identify and manage stress.

Seminar Reminders

Reminder messages with seminars' event information and registration link were sent to employees prior to and on the actual sessions' days.

Men's Health Month

Visual, engaging messages were delivered to increase awareness and activity on Men's Health Month.

Many More Campaigns

Created in collaboration with client partners, experts, communication and training partners

Dozens of Communication Plans and More Added Each Week

  • Calendar Events
  • Leadership Training
  • Employee Appreciation Week
  • Customer Service
  • and Many More!

How It Works

  1. Brighter works with you to schedule your chosen culture campaigns. You always have the ability to edit, rearrange or cancel message cards as you like prior to the campaign start date.
  2. At each scheduled date and time, your employees will receive a visual, bite-sized email in a format similar to the image on the right.
  3. With every bite-sized employee action, you'll be creating a culture worth staying for!
"Getting employees' attention on any subject has become a serious challenge and threat to moving fast. Bite-sized communication that present attention-grabbing information with instant decision ability to dig deeper is what companies need. Brighter's shared library is a simple approach to get started."

– Marianne Jackson, Chief Talent Development Officer at Ebay

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