Build A Culture Your Employees Will Love

Actively shape your company culture and raise engagement scores by 30% across the board

Do You Have A Culture That Engages and Retains Employees?


of employees who quit cite lack of appreciation as a primary reason


of salary on average spent as cost of a turnover


of employers say attracting and retaining employees is a top priority

Human Resource Challenges

  • Getting employees' attention and respecting their time
  • Preventing HR programs from failing
  • Building a culture that's right for us

A New Inviting Approach

  • Over 70% readership with bite-sized, visual messages
  • Quick employee action with one tap feedback
  • Select from a library of HR Expert approved programs

  • Raising engagement survey scores
  • Establishing a culture of appreciation
  • Retaining top performers
  • Customizable, bite-sized programs proven to raise survey scores
  • Coworker-to-coworker thank you system
  • Save one person from leaving and the system pays for itself

Those who actively manage their culture have 40% higher retention

Get Employees To Take Bite-Sized Actions That Improve Culture

To succeed today, programs must 1) grab your employees' attention, 2) respect their time, 3) allow for feedback and 4) be story-based.

Culture Programs That Deliver A Difference

Engage them with topics they care about. Or craft your own on the fly.

Company Communications

Company Values

Sense of Purpose

Supervisor Relations

Career Growth


Employee Appreciation

Employee Profiles

Pride in Company

Colleague Relations

Clarity of Job Expectations

Benefits/Open Enrollment

Smarter Employee Communication - THE Foundation to Culture

Deliver bite-sized, visual and interactive message cards to employees' email and web

A Simpler Solution for HR

Select and Plan Your Programs

Employees Take Bite-Sized Actions

See Measurement and Improve

Implement your engagement plan faster

We've made it easier for you to get started

Growing library of programs

from expert advisors and employer community

Get employees to read and act

Bite-sized, visual, interactive and mobile messages

Increase your engagement survey scores

and retain your Top Performers

Improve your communication with data

Data combined with your insights

Expert and community insights

Implement best practices with each campaign

Dramatically Improve Your Engagement Scores


message open rates


faster growth in culture and communication scores


increase in living up to company values


increase in employee recognition

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Employee Engagement

We stand by the fact that your employee engagement scores will improve. If after a year of rollout to all employees, you are not satisfied with the improvements on employee engagement measures, the following year of service will be fully covered by Brighter.